Insurance for artisan contractors is an essential type of special coverage. Insurance agents placing this type of insurance should understand the special risks artisan contractors face – bidding jobs, delivering materials to the site, performing the work, and standing behind that work for years to come. Obtaining a C-class contractor’s license in California is not easy! Finding affordable insurance that protects you and your bottom line is harder. And finding an insurance agent that understands and appreciates the risks you face is even harder. We at Fulcrum Point Insurance & Bonding understand your business, appreciate your craft, and want to help you be successful and protect your bottom line.

Artisan contractors are small businesses, often comprised of only the owner. They specialize in one type of construction trade. And, they are craftsmen, hence the title “artisan”. Yet, they face many of the same business risks large general contractors face. Their work in high demand. So too, is the need for comprehensive insurance for artisan contractors.

We can insure your general liability, your business personal property and if you employ others, we can provide you with the workers compensation insurance the state of California requires you to carry. In addition we can provide you with affordable commercial vehicle insurance to cover your liability while your vehicles are on the road.

At Fulcrum Point Insurance & Bonding Agency we value your services and we want to help you with affordable insurance for artisan contractors. We offer low payment programs with A rated insurance carriers.

Some jobs require proof of insurance. Fulcrum Point Insurance & Bonding  can provide certificates of general liability insurance so that your job stays in compliance with the contract. In cases where special wording of primary and non-contributory insurance results in additional premium or fees, we will let you know up front so you can build that into your estimate.

Contact one of our friendly knowledgeable agents at Fulcrum Point Insurance Agency today for a review of your insurance program and a free no obligation quote.

Artisan contractors on one trade and are considered craftsmen.